About Sizes

     These hat sizes are guidlines only.  The best way to get the perfect fit is to measure around the head just above the eyebrows.  Kids' heads measure bigger than you might think, their brains grow fast!

XS-0-6 month- 16"-18" inches
S-6-12 month- 19"-20  inches
M-1-2 year-20"-21" inches
L-3-6 year- 21 1/2"- 23"   (fits the average adult head too - see below)
     Due to the stretch in the fabric most larges will fit an adult head.  If your head measures more than 23 1/2, I will gladly make you an XL size. Large heads are beautiful, more than likely you are extra smart!

 All Hats are Handmade in Seattle.

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